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Christine is a psychic/medium. Working closely with the spirit world, and with the help of her guide, connects with loved ones who have passed over, and those who are associated to you from your past, present and, sometimes, future. Christine is clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient. "I work with energy, because energy is everything; the soul, the heart and the vibration of everyone and everything. We all have an energy matrix which is unique, like our DNA. Thoughts¸ actions and intentions create energy and that is what I read. I cannot determine your choices, only help with the experiences of those choices."

Christine asks that when a client seeks a reading, they need to be open to the truth.

“We all want to hear what our heart desires, but readings should empower us, not fool us. We alone make all the decisions and changes in our life, but Spirit will clarify a situation or bring awareness of a different direction or thought process. Just remember to trust the feelings of the heart and not the chatter of the mind. Don't make the mistake of thinking that Spirit can make things happen for us. Life is perpetually self–fulfilling and that aspect needs to be understood. We all live the life we want to live based on our actions or inactions, and free will choices.

“I am always amazed at how cleverly Spirit gives clarity and information and I trust totally what is passed on to my clients, otherwise I could not do this work."

Christine has developed her skills over a long period of time and is passionate about all esoteric subjects and teachings from the spirit world. She loves to channel the philosophy and wisdom of her guides. Determined to empower the lives of others, she is a teacher of spiritual development, and believes totally in living connected to the divinity of Spirit.

"We are all divine, but the degree to which we are conscious and responsible for our actions is the degree of that divinity. It is the inner self we reflect in our deeds and thoughts. We all evolve and our divinity strengthens with time, but not always in one lifetime. I am a teacher of Spiritual Psychology, which is understanding the journey and contract of a soul in this lifetime. I also help people in coping with life and death transitions. I am happy to help with any aspect of birth or death trauma, and know every life is special and a celebration no matter what the circumstances of the physical experience.

“The Spirit world cannot intervene with the contract of the soul so remember there is a divine purpose for life.

“My readings are always honest, and I attribute the guidance and clarity of information to the love and empathy felt and given by Spirit for us. We are all Spirit, it is inherent to all of us. If we choose to listen, we can tune in to the frequency we need to hear. Some of us are born with the frequency pre–set, whilst others need help with the fine–tuning. I consider myself a representative for Spirit and I am honoured to do this work.

“We are not victims and God has not abandoned us just because our lives are sometimes difficult or lonely. We exist to learn and evolve and need to look at every situation and emotion from the perspective of what our soul needs to experience for inner spiritual growth."

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Fabulous Feedback

“I was so happy with my reading with Christine. Christine was so spot on and really made me feel better. Many many thanks.”


“I have just had a reading with Christine. It was amazing, so inspiring and accurate, totally connected with my issues and helped resolve them. It was so nice to be connected with her again. ”


“I would like to thank Christine for her help when my daughter went missing. I was so grateful for all the help and support I received from the readers and the staff during this crisis. Please give them my thanks.”


“Hi there, I have just had a most wonderful reading with Christine from the U.K.”


“I thought Christine was amazing. I won't be speaking with anyone else other than Christine from now on. She picked up on everything that was going on in my life and has helped me so much. Thanks Christine.”


“It is one thing to be clairvoyant, that is amazing enough to most of us, but when what is seen is interpreted with great wisdom and practicality the benefits are multiplied. Christine has helped me greatly. I don`t know where else I could have gone to get such no–nonsense advice, given with humour, insight and care.”

T.A. Aus

“I`ve had several readings with psychics but Christine stands out by far. She is genuinely gifted as a psychic, and also supportive, intelligent, and kind. She really cares about people and you don`t feel like you are just a client, the reading is from soul to soul. Many thanks to Christine for her help during a challenging time in my life. I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is interested in a reading that empowers them through true and useful information and support. Thank you Christine! ”

I.P. Aus

“Christine from the UK was absolutely amazing. I`ve been going through a lot lately and have spoken to many advisors, but Christine has been the best by far. She was spookily spot on and just a wonderful person. Thank you so much for all your insights.”


Reading Types

Absent Healing

Channelling energy to bring healing to a recipient in their absence.


The faculty of perceiving sounds beyond the range of human hearing as in messages from the spirit world.


A form of extra sensory perception by feeling vibrations from others.


The art of 'clear seeing' events in the future beyond normal sensory contact.

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The way a crystal is formed directly influences its potential to harmonise and restore waning energies allowing a space for healing to take place.

Crystal Ball

A globe of quartz crystal used by readers to focus their insight and enhance their perception of future events as in the Romany tradition.

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A medium has the ability to communicate, sense and feel the energy of spirit and departed loved ones.

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The study of numbers based on a name or birth date that can be used to predict events giving an insight into a person's personality and purpose.

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Identifying phenomena that is mystifying by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.

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Romanies, also referred to as Romany Gypsies, live primarily in Europe and are believed to have originated in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent.

Spirit Guide

An entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a spiritual protector.

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Deck of cards invented over 500 years ago and adopted as a tool for divination.

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