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Psychics Connect readers are highly gifted and talented with their own philosophy and individual approach to readings. Each psychic has a unique way of receiving and interpreting the information that surrounds your life - past, present and future.

  • Crystal ball

    For centuries, crystals and crystal balls have been used not only in fairy tales, but also by many psychics, clairvoyants and healers. And for much the same purpose, as tools for communication, healing and prediction.

    For a clairvoyant who utilises the wonderful energy of crystals, they can help raise the vibration received, much like the crystal set radio. The crystal ball acts as a booster station, helping to connect with the energy of spirit guides and angels enabling the clairvoyant to communicate messages to the client.

    If you've tried a tarot reading in the past, why not consider the powerful energy of a crystal ball reading?

  • Psychic

    A reading with a psychic will blow you away as they are capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extra sensory perception and mental telepathy.  A psychic has the power to see information, hidden from the normal senses, through a sixth sense. A psychic is sensitive to forces beyond the natural range of perception, enabling them to respond to parapsychological forces and influences.

    Once connected energetically, the psychic will reach out with all their psychic senses with the aim of finding the influences around a person right now. As a person receives information on the physical level, the psychic reader will receive it on a psychic level. This means that they can either see, feel, hear or sense something that is affecting a person, regardless of distance.

    Psychic phenomena cross time and space and do not obey the rules of man-made time. The information a client received from a psychic that is in the same room is no different to the information from a psychic on the other side of the world. It is sometimes more powerful receiving a reading from the other side of the world because it validates the information.

    After all, how else can they possibly know so much from so far away!

  • Tarot

    The origins of the tarot are shrouded in mystery, but the cards were well established in Europe by the late 14th century.

    The Tarot pack is made up of a total of 78 cards, 56 known as the minor arcana and 22 as the major arcana, from the Latin word "arcanus", which means "secret".

    The minor arcana is divided into four suits - Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. The cards in the major arcana are also known as the trumps.

    Originally the cards were used for gambling but later, perhaps when the Romany or gypsies came to Europe and discovered them, they were used for fortune-telling. The pictures on the cards are rich in meaning and the pattern they form in a reading can help the reader to gain insight into someone's life.

    Many of our readers use tarot in their readings, combining the cards with their natural psychic ability. There are many different kinds of Tarot packs, but the underlying symbolism remains the same.

  • Medium

    A medium is someone who acts as a vehicle for receiving messages from those who have passed on or from a guide, angel or some other being in the spirit world that is relevant to you and the path that you are on.

    Mediumship is nothing new. For primitive man, ancestor worship was a form of religion, based on the belief that the spirits of the dead survive in another world.

    Today we have the spiritualist movement, with societies and churches all over the world. One of the principles on which it is based is the continuous existence of the human soul.

    The information provided by a medium may take the form of advice or guidance from a loved one to a relative still living. It can be of great comfort to consult a medium when you have lost someone. A good medium will be able to describe the personality and life of someone you knew and relay messages from them in such a way as to convince you that they come from that person.

    At Psychics Connect we have highly sensitive mediums who have developed their psychic faculties to the point where they can tune into the spirit world.

  • Spirit Guides

    A spirit guide is a non-physical entity that is usually seen as the higher self, an angel, a highly evolved being or a spirit of the deceased. Their main purpose is to help protect the individual, assist in spiritual development or even provide a source of inspiration.

    Throughout the world, people believe that every individual has one or more spirit guides from birth and they remain with them throughout their life and their future endeavours. At the end of their life, they assist the soul in the crossover period.

    We have spirits around us all the time. They communicate with us through our sense of sight, sound, smell or touch.

    Spirit guides use simple, direct messages to remind us of our inner ability and how to find the answer in our heart and mind. The most important thing to remember is that spirit always speaks the truth. Spirit brings us not so much what we want but what we need and what our soul needs to understand, let go and allow us to move forward.

    ... we are never alone. Spirit is always with us ...

  • Clairvoyants

    Clairvoyants are people who can perceive things beyond the range of the five senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell - and for that reason they are often described as having a sixth sense.

    Clairvoyance literally means "clear seeing" and a clairvoyant is someone who can "see" beyond the range of the naked eye. Sometimes this is called having "the sight" or the "second sight".

    Clairvoyants use their sensitivity and intuition to tune into you and their insights can help you to make sense not only of what is going on in your life right now, but also what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future.

    Clairvoyants may also be clairaudients and clairsentients.  Clairaudient can "hear" inwardly, receiving information about someone's past, present or future. Clairsentient can experience within themselves sensations, emotions or vibrations that someone else has felt in connection with certain events or people..

    Clairvoyants develop their own style of reading, depending on their personality, interests and what they have found works best for them.

  • Numerology

    Numerology is the study of numbers and their influence on our lives.
    The significance of numbers has been recognised since ancient times. Each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet have a specific meaning and number attributed to them, are related to the 22 paths on the Tree of Life in the ancient Jewish mystical system, the Qabalah.

    Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer and physicist, famously said, "The book of nature is written in mathematical language".

    The language of numbers allows us to decode the hidden meaning of life. Phrases such as "my number’s up" or "get someone's number" reveal the connection believed to exist between numbers, character and personal destiny. The number your name or your birthdate adds up to is thought to have a bearing on these. It is also thought to work for you, or to be lucky for you.

    Each letter of the alphabet is ascribed a number so it is easy enough to find out your personal number. If you don’t like it, you can always change your name to an abbreviation or nickname in order to give yourself a different number, thus change the course of your destiny.