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“My reading with Janina today was spot on. I was over the moon. Thank you so much Janina.”


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Warm and uplifting reading...!

“Thank you Christine (UK) for the warm and uplifting reading and the positive way in which you communicate message from spirit. You picked up on my situation with pin–point accuracy. Many thanks and blessings. ”

K.S. Aus

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No questions and a brilliant reading

“I wish to compliment Karen USA on her insight. Karen was brilliant and spot on. She did not need to ask any questions but went straight into the reading.”

T.AW. Aus

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Resident Astrologer Lisa MoonCat

Psychics Connect is proud to introduce Lisa MoonCat, our new astrologer. Lisa MoonCat has studied astrology for many years and enjoys helping people understand their relationship to the stars.

Lisa is also an intuitive reader for Psychics Connect. Her gift is ancestral, inherited from her grandmother. She has been reading tarot cards, tea leaves and runes for 20 years. She works with faerie and animal spirit guides, and channels the ancestors when their message is strong. She is a reader with a deep natural connection to the energy and connectivity of life.

Your Glimpse of 2014


Great ideas and inspirations are coming your way in 2014. Getting your ideas out into the world becomes the challenge. The beginning of the year emphasizes working together and compromise. Everyone needs a chance to say their piece. Practice active listening techniques so you don't hear the same story over and over. At the end of March you'll get a fresh outlook with the new moon in your sign, so don't worry too much about pushing yourself early in the year.

In April your fresh ideas are ready to share. Jump in the spotlight and shine for a little while. April is a good time to take a short trip, and get major communications underway. In May you'll see the return from communicating those big ideas because everything Aries is in vogue. Do your best to keep up with demand for your charm!

In July you'll start to feel the rub of your independent nature. Your group identity is just as important as your personal freedom, so spend the summer doing what you love with other people if possible. The end of summer brings out the high drama, so head for the hills and stay out of it.

The full moon super charges Aries in October. It hits at a time when changes on a deeper level happen unusually and unexpectedly. Hearts and minds can change at the drop of a hat, so go your own way. The people who love you will come around by the end of December, and you'll be reconnected in time for the holidays and some 2015 adventure!


2014 kicks off to a solid start. Plans, dreams, and stable foundations are on the table right from the beginning. Communications are a bit uncomfortable by the time February rolls around. Get the big plans penciled in before that first Mercury retrograde mid-February.

March brings opportunities that align with your core beliefs, but you won't see the kind of results you want until the end of April. In April you take a leadership role, and can act on the ideas and inspirations you have. Tell people about your dreams and watch them come to life.

In June your plans and resources are in high demand. Make sure your plans include time for scenic routes and relaxing holidays. There's a general push towards healing in relationships, so try not to get attached to exact details. Working together to build a plan that makes everyone happy will pay off in the long run. Compromise is the key to the end of spring and early summer.

July makes way for a lot of shifting routines and relationships. It's not worth it to track the daily ups and downs. Focus on the major trends in people lives and on healing any old wounds of your own. The second half of the year focuses on personal advancement.

Knowing what you want is important, but the way forward is about asking nicely, and working together. Conquer and command is not the most effective way to get what you need. Take the time in November to share your knowledge with people around you and it will help you get the support you need to enjoy the holidays lay the groundwork for 2015!


Inspiration and communication are the key to 2014. Collecting ideas and information is your hobby, and it's time to get busy. It might be easier to compromise than to figure out the best way to do things since everyone has opinions. People will play nice at the beginning of the year. Be the facilitator for communications, but be discreet. You may learn some interesting things along the way.

Sudden changes and delays in major plans come up in April. When the lines of communication open back up in May you'll know why and can work on a plan of action. Tell people what you want in May, figure out who wants the same thing. A powerful allay may come in handy. When life puts you in the back seat take a moment to enjoy the scenery. Backseat driving doesn't actually get you where you're going. June is your moment to take the wheel.

Late summer and early fall are more relaxed. Plenty of fun things to do, but a much lighter emotional tone. Take the time to recharge and settle in. October and November marks another period of shifting and changing, so enjoy the mellow moments when you get them. Full moon in Gemini in December give you a boost at the end of the year, and the way opens up for more travel and exploration. Think about a holiday getaway. Make some new traditions in 2014. Big opportunities will come your way if you know how to ask for what you want!


This year may start off feeling a little backwards. You've got some great ideas, and you know they work, but you're not really sure how to put them into action. It's time to get a cheerleading team. You need some friends who actually support you. The full moon in January should let you know exactly who those people are, and who they aren't.

March brings in the forward momentum you expected to see right away. Finally things start to click. You'll have plenty of opportunity to talk about the changes you've made, but you may not be really happy with them until April.

May could be a bit abrasive, so hold off on any public gestures until June. A fresh attitude and a new lease on life hits for your birthday, and gives you just the prep and pep you need. When July shows up there's a fresh batch of amazing opportunities on the table. You can tell people exactly what you need and why, and you might actually get it just by asking.

Hold off on the next round of changes until end of September and beginning of October when it's easier to gather momentum. November holds the potential for deep healing. Find a good friend and share with someone who actually cares. There's a gentle undercurrent of change in the end of 2014. Go with the flow. Let your life transform. Focus on happiness, and make room for fun as the year winds down into 2015.


The beginning of 2014 is the time to dream. Dream as big and bold as you can, Leo. You have some great ideas, and they can be made reality, but you need a dream team to achieve them. Get your ideas out to the people around you and request their expertise. You know some amazing people, put them to work for you!

February is your first opportunity to present your project. The people you've been helping for years will show up to watch you work. Put on a show to remember! Spring is a building period for Leos, so take a break, and make some plans for summer. In July Jupiter shifts into your sign, and opportunities will come knocking.

A new look is also in order in July. Whether it's an internal or external makeover, take some time to refresh yourself. You'll be in high demand around your birthday. Leos shine in hosting situations, facilitate some group activities in order to keep your down time to yourself. There's a sweet spot right around August 15th to say what you want and get it. Dream big, ask for what you want, and say thank you!

December is another hot month with exciting opportunity. Fall is a little passive for your taste, so put on your best yes man face and be polite until winter hits. December ramps up your creative inspiration, just in time to set some intentions for a super creative 2015!


This year is perfect for refining the big picture. Where do you want to be in 10 years? 5 years? Next year? Start there and work backwards. If you get to what you need to do in the next ten minutes to get there, you've gone too far. Navigating the first part of 2014 requires kindness and teamwork. You are not an island, and the more inspiring people you have on your team sharing your dream the faster you'll get where you're going.

March brings your need for community and independence into conflict. Remember that the people in your life should be there as support structures. Address problems with drama causers before April. A preemptive strike could save you from actually burning bridges.

Virgo is particularly susceptible to the major changes taking place on a societal level this summer. Don't stick your head in the sand. Be a leader. Pay attention. Pick a couple of causes and support them with all your heart. July will offer some strong opportunities to people who have put their beliefs on display. Don't be shy, get out there and tell them why you're right!

September brings people knocking down your door for advice and support. Really they just want your approval. They don't really need serious action, they just need a kind word of encouragement. By the end of 2014 you should be feeling pretty satisfied with the amount of progress towards your plans. You'll be ready to revise and double your efforts to make 2015 even better!


The beginning of 2014 brings deep healing to your relationships and a clear picture of what you need to succeed. As March and April roll around life works backwards for a moment, and it becomes harder to express yourself. Take your time to prep for important conversations. You'll have a moment of Truth on the full moon in your sign in April, make sure you tell the top three people in your life.

The summer brings a period of forward motion on major projects and clear communication with the people you love. Getting people to say what they really want will be tough, but once they do it will be easy to act on it. Put the wheels in motion in August and by your birthday you'll be able to kick back and let things happen. Be careful around your birthday to say what you really mean, not what other people want to hear. The truth is better in the long run, even if it causes some tears along the way.

November brings in a new attitude of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. This is a good time to let go of relationships and situations that are no longer serving your highest good. December next year will be another cycle of changing needs and new routines. Take the time earlier in the year to experiment and notice your results, so your next round of explorations is even more satisfying.


2014 was built for powerful transformation. This year holds the potential for you to become a completely different person. What kind of people do you admire? How can you cultivate those qualities in yourself? Your focus and depth of understanding will be challenged in the early part of the year. If the path you've chosen requires more discipline make sure your heart is really in it.

March may prove to be especially challenging. What you need and what you want may not line up. Surround yourself with positive people to support you through your transition. April brings the healing and relaxation you've been waiting for. In May you'll get exactly what you need and a little more of what you want. Be grateful for what you've received so far and then politely move on. June is the wind up for the big bang in July, put your needs and wants on display and wait for the opportunities to present themselves.

August rushes in with forward momentum. The plan is in place and action is following with gusto. In October you'll have the chance to explain your ideas and give your much needed opinion. The feedback you collect will change your perspective. From that point you'll be able to see more clearly what needs to happen next. November is the moment a big planning month, long term dreams are on the drawing board. December is really just tying up loose ends and finishing some healing processes that have changed you on a fundamental level. Give thanks and say goodbye to restriction and let the good times roll in 2015!


Get free in 2014! Take the time at the beginning of 2014 to really explore what you want from your life. If what you want and what you're doing right now aren't aligned this is a perfect time to shed some behaviors and people that hold you back. Make some amazing plans with some amazing people! Get inspired and make a plan to do what you want to do.

With so much revolutionary cool stuff going on in January and February it may be hard to concentrate on what you need in the day to day. March brings in more opportunities for growth and travel, so wait on big projects and travel until then. May starts to get exciting as people get motivated for change. Remember, you don't need a big group to have fun, but an adventure buddy make for a more memorable ride.

June will see you ready for a new you. Put on your dancing shoes and do what you do best, explore! Tryout some new ideas, and then try the opposite. In July big opportunities will present themselves. The end result may not be as dramatic as you thought, but it's still a big step in the right direction.

September gets you really ready to put some ideas into action, and by November your ideas and sentiments will be very desirable. Let them love you until December, and then tell them what you really want. You have the power to turn words into actions. Use it wisely! 2014 may end on a somber note as Saturn shifts into your sign, demanding a recheck of the beliefs behind our actions. Be fearless. You've been thinking things through carefully for a long time. Just make sure your actions match your ideas, and yours plans for 2015 will come rolling right along!


2014 starts off with a bang. A bang in your soul. You can feel the shift, the changing paradigms, a new way ahead. If planning is your thing, plan like there's no tomorrow. If planning is not your thing, then move and shake like there's no tomorrow. Capricorn is the bedrock, and there has been an earthquake!

People will come to you for support and reassurance, help them through. You'll be able to make reach some true healing agreements in February. It might not be until April that you really see the forward motion on plans from earlier in the year, but the intentions are real.

You may find yourself in a balancing act mid year. As spring winds down there are clearly two camps, two main projects, two paths. You don't necessarily have to choose, but you do have to tread carefully. In July you'll be able to see farther down those paths and start to make a choice, so take your time and get all the facts and opinions before you commit.

At the end of October people need a change, but they're not quite sure what they need. You know the truth. The truth is that it doesn't matter what they do, as long as it's different than what they're doing now. Winter wraps up with another major paradigm shift, so get out your planner or your go with the flow attitude and get ready for another rocket shift blast off into 2015!


Revolutionize you dreams! Your goals and ideals may shift drastically over this year. You have the perspective to see the potential in people. Bring together some unusual suspects and build your dream team! Inspirational people get a leg up early this year, so keep them close, and share ideas regularly.

Discipline is no stranger to you. Put that work ethic to good use as March rolls around. A little inspiration goes a long way. This year you need to get your career on a long term track. Thinking about the day to day, paycheck to paycheck is limiting your potential. Every job has its downside. Keeping the long term payoff in mind will give you the motivation to push through any amount of tedium that gets stacked on your plate.

August full moon in your sign fires up your desire to learn a new skill or start a side business. If you're working the corporate ladder, it's time to ask for a raise and more responsibility. Taking the first step is the scariest, but once you do, support will come rushing up from all sides.

Network like crazy through the end of the year. Share your ideas with anyone and everyone that will listen. Opportunities present themselves loud and clear, but they may not be as great as them seem. Check the fine print before you sign up. Success is a few minor adjustments away. December brings to light your true desires, so state your needs and go get what you want!


The halfway point of a paradigm shift is an important place to stop and reflect. You'll have a moment at the beginning of 2014 to sit back and think about how much has changed. Knowing how much has changed in the last two years will help you prepare for the changes ahead.

There's a window at the beginning of February to talk about your dreams and ideas, but it quickly becomes muddled. You'll have a new set of inspirations to choose from if you wait it out. Have big conversations and make major decisions in March. In April there will be a renewed interest in the topics you've brought to light, so wait until everyone is listening to share your dreams.

The ideas and plans you make early on see some real action and momentum in May. June puts healing and emotional strength on the backburner for a while, so get the big talks out of the way before then. July could be dramatic if you get too involved in one big idea. Small groups and one on one activities will be more rewarding. You need to know that you're needed. Help the friend truly in need, not the friend with the best payoff.

Major changes are back on the table in October. Take a conservative approach and go in with your resources in order. November brings healing and sharing back to the forefront for a gentle end of the year. December is back to the drawing board, with more plans for another year of major changes and life transitions, this time with a more exploratory theme!

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by Lisa MoonCat
Copyright ©2014. All Rights Reserved.
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